Tuesday 12 June 2012

Good sport thanks to the Hawthorn Fly

Today at Burrator there were Hawthorn flies on the water throughout the middle of the day. They were being blown from the surrounding trees and bushes and the trout were very keyed onto them, making big splashy rises to take the flies off the top or just below the surface. The Hawthorn is a terrestrial fly that for a few days or weeks in May and June can be an important food item for the trout.

Hawthorn Fly (Bibio marci)
Having realised what the trout were feeding on I fished a two fly cast of size 10 Bibio on the point and a  size 10 Clan Chief, another black palmer hackled fly, on the dropper.

Size 10 Bibio
I had sport more or less directly from the start at just after 12 noon. When I finished at 4.00pm I had caught around a dozen rainbows (of which I kept only two) and hooked and lost nearly as many again. The light varied between being bright and quite overcast and the wind from a light breeze to quite a stiff blow, but the hawthorn flies continued to appear on the water and the trout continued to take them. At around 4.30pm the rain came again in  another of the torrential downpours that have been so prevalent this week. So I packed it in and got back to the car as quickly as I could. I had hoped to call in to see Neil Reeves the SWLT Burrator Ranger but he was nowhere around. 

All in all a good bit of sport 

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